Indoors & outdoors

At this time Simeon Nijenhuis is working on a number of subjects. He is working outdoors (‘en plein air’) with landscapes in the series Birch forests and Park ponds.

In his studio we find a number of new paintings that are in the works in the series of Inside & Outside, the interiors where he is famous for by now where – through multiple repoussoirs such as suite doors and a house plant – the view of the outdoors has an important role.  Also, in his (children’s) Portraits the surroundings play an important part, resulting in not just a good portrait, but a beautiful painting of the subject(s) in relation to the world around them.

Right now he is painting portraits of his children with a double bay window in the background. Just as in his Inside & Outside interiors, the light that enters from the visible view outside has an important role in revealing the surroundings of the portrait.

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